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Tempo Transportation Same-day Courier, Bio-Transport and Warehousing in Central to South Florida and Kansas City Metropolitan area.

Same Day. On-Demand. Reliable.


Ground or air freight solutions for urgent, time-sensitive shipments.


  • Same-day shipping - Delivery in 1-6 Hours

  • Same-Day  Air Delivery

  • Professional, Uniformed & Courteous Drivers

  • Order & Track Online

  • FAA Compliant


Specially certified drivers to handle Biomedical material:


  • Osha Compliant

  • JCAHO Compliant

  • HAZMAT Certified

  • Chain of Custody Records


Cost-Effective, Climate Controlled warehousing:


  • 24/7  security with video surveillance

  • Warehouse entry by authorized personnel only

  • Monitored fire suppression systems

  • Secured Boca Raton, FL and Kansas City, MO locations

Tempo Same-day delivery courier South Florida and Kansas City

Tempo Transporation

Same-day courier


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