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Transportation Solutions

Have a unique shipping need? Require logistics services support? Tempo Transportation's delivery specialists would be happy to assist you with your specialized delivery and logistical needs.


On-Demand and Same-Day Services.

Ground or air freight solutions for urgent, time-sensitive shipments. We provide same-day shipping and door-to-door courier services within cities and between cities in South Florida and the Kansas City metropolitan area. When you need immediate delivery of recurring orders, both you and your customers can rely on Tempo.


Bio-Transport Services.

Our dedicated transportation and logistics solutions allow you to focus on your core business. Our experts will evaluate your shipping needs and design the most cost-effective routing and logistics management program to get your product delivered to your customers.



Want to store your items and then ship at a moments notice?  Our cost-effective, climate controlled Warehouse solution is just what you need.  We have 24/7 security with video surveillance, Warehouse entry by authoried personnel only, monitored fire supression systems at our secure Boca Raton, FL and Kansas City, MO locations.

Tempo Transporation

Same-day courier


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